Xelsius Industries is a South African manufacturer of single disc rotary cleaning machines. Currently two models are manufactured, i.e. Standard speed (180-190 rpm) and Super Speed (380-390 rpm). The machines are manufactured to exacting standards demanded by the cleaning industry.

There is currently an exciting new model being developed which will combine the power of a standard speed scrubber and the speed of a super speed polishing machine, in one efficient dual speed machine. 

Main features of the dual speed: 

  • Switch between high and low without stopping the machine
  • Never draws more than 7.5amp even on startup
  • On startup, the disk reaches full speed within 3 seconds (soft start)
  • Inversion brake - Brings rotating scrubbing/polishing disk to a complete stop within 0.5 seconds.

Maintenance and Supply

Xelsius Industries services and maintains all available floor cleaning machines and equipment at reasonable prices. The company also source and supplies a comprehensive range of the best quality cleaning equipment and chemicals to the industry.